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The 7 Laws of Noah : thousands of men and women already abide by them !                                                    For a world of peace, harmony and serenity...
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President Ronald Reagan proclaims 29th of March 1988 as Education Day

Inter-faith EDITORIAL : The challenge of the 21st century, to make our world a suitable place for Godliness

During the first Conference of the "Noahide Nations" that took place on June 26th, 2008 at the Hilton in Florida, the actor Jon Voight received the first "Tsedaka Award"

From now on, the transformation of this world into a peace haven, materially and spiritually speaking, is the unavoidable and salutary task of the 21st century.
Any Non-Jew who accepts the kingship of G.d and commits herself or himself to achieving the 7 laws noahides is considered as a "priest"
The 7 laws of Noah - the Charter of the Nations - are the legislative and moral oldest code of humanity, but also the most modern guide for 21st century man.
It is imperative that the citizens of the Nations accept these 7 Noahides laws as having been ordered by the Creator at mount Sinai.
From the builders of the Tower of Babel through the great conquerors and till the thinkers and political actors of today, the project to universalize the world is an old story.
In 1983, the Rabbi of Loubavitch launched a call to influence the Nations of the world so that they would put into practice the 7 precepts of Noah.
The label of "Rabbi" evokes a very high spiritual dimension, that only one Grand Master per generation may deserve to reach.
Through his actions and research, Vendyl Jones encourages humanity as a whole to adhere to the Seven universal Laws of its ancestor Noah.
Several archaeologists and historians throughout the world explored Mount Ararat, supposed place of its accosting, and have collected recounts, old or recent about Noah's Arch.
Jacques Duquesne interviews the reknowned scientists and brothers Igor and Grichka Bogdanov. Le Point ask whether the universe could have been born by chance.

An Ambassador took upon himself to follow the 7 Noahide laws...

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